Ozone 8 Standard initial reaction.

So i’ve been re-posting a lot of music by unsigned artists on SoundCloud and getting them to re-post our music. A musician that has been bouncing his tracks off me for a few months, sounded very professionally mastered, his music had a completely different depth than mine and most of the music i had been reviewing etc…

I gave him praise about this, and he came back to me to try Ozone 8 from splice… as a rent to own plugin, costing 10$ USD a month… As i use splice and have a variety of plugins i’m allready renting to own.. i signed up for Ozone 8 today…

The track i am working on for the last 4 days, just came alive… Once i watched enough videos to try the Assistive Mastering… it automatically mastered the track, by analysing a small part of the audio… it’s amazing… great software at a relatively cheap price for what it does.

I would recommend it… the only con is that it seems slightly bugged and crashes my Ableton from time to time when opening the ozone window.. It’s too late tonight to look into it… But i’m sure i will find a solution.

But even though i have all ready mastered about 10 song from our upcoming album… i am honestly looking forward to reworking all of it with this new plugin… The music just sounds so much better.

Just a few extra words, Izotope came out with Ozone 9 last week or so, i managed to get a free upgrade, there are a few more features and the crashing has stopped, if you are looking for decent mastering software i would say upgrade to Ozone 9 rather than using 8 (Ableton for me at least was crashing every few minutes) and this is complelely fixed in 9.