Our “free” releases on Google Play

So since we started writing music under this moniker, we have been giving our music away for free.. firstly on mp3.com.au then on Google Play Music. (20 years)

We had a great thing going on Google Play, we self managed our releases, dictated pricing etc… early this year Google no longer allowed self management, and required us to go through an aggregator, with little flexibility on the pricing.

We had tens of thousands of downloads of our albums for 7+ years.. that unfortunately is gone now.. i think.. i don’t even know but i assume our albums are over the 10$ mark, which is expensive… i rarely buy music and if i do…i think about it quite a bit before i buy it…

To cut to the chase, it is the reason we made this website.. although our music is not free here (it can be streamed for free) as we have to cover server costs, website development, security and many other expenses. This way at least we can offer our music for a very reasonable price. Our older albums are 1-2$ USD with a pay what you want option if you would like to pay a little more, to show you like our efforts.

Our next album will be a little more expensive maybe 4-5$ as we are spending a tonne of money on plugins, samples, vocals.. and of course the website.

I hope our music brings you some happiness or perhaps comfort. We look forward to showing you our new music when the new albums is finished.