Album we are working on.

Hiya, we are currently working on a new album, we have not decided on a name yet… the theme is down tempo / chill / trip hop and other similar genres.. it is slow paced, ranging from happy to dark themes… we currently aim to finish about 35 songs, before we start selecting the best songs for the album, we have 27 finished at the moment and are slowly making 1-2 new songs each week.

As we are constantly editing older songs – this includes mastering and complete reworks of some, we deleted all YouTube videos for songs in this release, to stay up to date with new sounds from our studio, you can find all recent songs on SoundCloud

Once we release the album on all major platforms, all YouTube Videos will be redone and uploaded again.

Thanks for reading and hope our music finds you well

Enjoy The Noiz…

The Borntrippy Team