Welcome To The

Borntrippy Home Page


Welcome to the Borntrippy Home Page. Here you will find just about everything related to the band. You can stream and buy music directly on this site… We have pay what you want enabled on the website, this means you can pay 10-25 cents per track or 1-2 dollars per album at a minimum, if you feel like paying more… We will be happy to accept, but there is no obligation to do so.

There are also links to buy & stream music from external sites like Google Play, iTunes, Spotify etc. as well as links to other sites where we upload the latest sounds from the studio Sound Cloud, YouTube and others.

We have some band photos, information about us & our music, way to catch up with us on social media… and stay upto date with new releases & or gigs as they occur.

We hope you like our page,

Enjoy The Noiz…

The Borntrippy Team